Current Projects

Luxury House – Little Wildwood – Poole

EcoSteel are in the process of building a luxury new home in Poole, Dorset.

A structural steel framed building, with a 194mm SIPS roof and 169mm SIPS walls, cladding two elevations of the build.

The front and rear elevation are to have a complete ‘Skyline’ glazed system to make this property a truly contemporary project to stand out among the crowd in the popular residential area of Poole, Dorset

Hedge House 5 – EcoSteel New office building

A new office building built at our office site near Ringwood

A full steel frame, SIPS floor, walls and roof. Double glazed windows and doors with external cladding to finish.

Planning restrictions meant that the building had to have the appearance of being ‘joined’ to the existing office, not not actually touching it.

The planning also required that the new building to look as close to the existing office as possible, so the external SIPS shell had a breather membrane installed, was battened out then clad in timber to match the existing office.

Once the steel frame and SIPS shell had been installed, it was battened on the inside to allow all the services to be run and then traditionally finished in plasterboard and plaster. Then a finished coat of paint. 

A new ramp was then fabricated and installed to give access to the rear elevation doors which due to the fall of the ground had to be elevated with wheelchair access.


TreeHouse Nursery – Children’s nursery, Somerset

Our client has instructed EcoSteel to build the external shell of a brand new childrens nursery in Somerset. 

A large two storey property. Large open areas for the various requirements of a childrens nursery.

This project was installed on Helical Screwpiles which negated the need for standard footings due to the made up ground. 

A large steel ring beam was then installed and SIPS panels installed within the floor. 

Next phase will see additional steel framing going up and SIPS walls and roof with dormer windows.